Staff Appreciation Week

This week is to celebrate the staff at ERMA for working SO hard to make our students successful, safe, and feel loved!

When I think of how hard the staff has worked to make this year the best it could be: Holidays Around the World, polar express with hot chocolate, movie and popcorn, GOING TO SCHOOL 4 FULL DAYS A WEEK, knowing each child in the school on a personal level (not just the kids in their class), several assemblies, family groups, and making this year work.  Our kids will always remember this year and us parents will remember how remarkable the teachers are for their endless effort.

Let’s say thank you to our staff with these fun ideas.  This is not mandatory, just fun and creative way to let them know we care.

Monday, May 3
Make a thank you card, draw a picture, write a poe, etc., to a staff member. Let them know how important they are!

ERMA PTA will provide Grateful Bread pastries for the ERMA staff room in the morning!

Tuesday, May 4
Who doesn’t love a special treat? Bring something sweet or healthy for them to nibble on. See the Staff Favorites sheet that was emailed out for ideas!

Wednesday, May 5
Give them a compliment from your heart over Zoom.

Red Pepper Pizza is donating a pizza lunch to ERMA staff that will be delivered by the owner to the school!

Thursday, May 6
Bring a staff member a flower. This could be real or one you have drawn. They will love their bouquet!

Friday, May 7
Free choice! What is something that you know your teacher, principal, special staff member, or specialist would like?

ERMA PTA will provide Top Pot doughnuts for the ERMA staff room in the morning!