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High Tea

High Tea is a fun event the kids look forward to every year. It is open to kids in Rooms 2 & 3. The staff, librarian and some past parents have compiled a list of books for the kids to read.  There are two lists, the High Tea List of Books and a Variety List.  Participants must read a total of 15 books and complete a project by April 10th.Completed lists must have a parental signature ensuring each book was read. These books may come from either list, the lists are a guide to direct the kids to read more chapter books.  Books may be read or listened to.  Family reading and audio books count! The project is to be based on a book read on either list.  All persons who complete the requirements are allowed to invite one guest. 

The reward will be a High Tea Event May 14th at 4:15 pm at the district office directly after school.  We will have real china tea sets, tea sandwiches, a chocolate fountain with all the fixings and other snacks.  The children get to walk through the projects completed, have tea and visit with the guests.  Dressing up for this event is encouraged.

The kids love this event and reading and discussing the books with each other, they are proud of this event. Thank you for encouraging your readers!

Happy Reading!

High Tea Rules

Applies to participating Room 2 & 3 students, and family members and former students.

1. You must do one project based on a book read on the list.
2. You must read at least 15 books off High Tea List or Variety List.
3. Books may be read or listened to. Parent reading and audiobooks count

Past project ideas include:

  • Comic strip of the Book
  • Game based on the Book
  • Movie Poster of Book
  • Diorama about the Book
  • Letter to the Author of a book

If you need more ideas for projects, ask your teacher or librarian. When you have completed the High Tea requirements, put this record in the basket on the High Tea shelf and turn in your project to office staff by April 10 th . If you have a large project, please ask the staff where it should go. Everyone must fill out a record sheet in order to qualify. Parents must verify that you did complete the work by signing the list.