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As you may be aware, Riverview School District administration has proposed the closure of ERMA at the end of the school year.

We encourage you to view the March 14 school board meeting to hear a compelling message from the Save ERMA committee regarding alternatives to closure. The recording can be found here:

We also encourage you to contact the Riverview School Board directly at to share your thoughts regarding the proposed closure. The school board plans to make their final decision on Tuesday, March 28.

Eagle Rock Multi-Age PTA endorses the Save ERMA committee in their efforts to save Eagle Rock.

Facts & data

Three facts form a strong case for keeping Eagle Rock Multiage open and using it as the model for all elementary schools:

  1. Eagle Rock Multiage is efficiently run as measured by a low per-pupil expenditure
  2. Eagle Rock Multiage students consistently score well on assessments
  3. Eagle Rock Multiage benefits from its unique model, including multiage classrooms and family involvement

Low per-pupil expenditure

Eagle Rock Multiage has one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures in the district, and has a high student-to-teacher ratio based on data reported to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Sources: Per-Pupil Expenditure All Years and Teacher Ratio Program Certificate


High scores on assessments

Eagle Rock Multiage consistently scores well on standardized assessments, and has a similar demographic profile as the district based on data reported to the OSPI.

Sources: Assessment Data 2021-22 School Year, Assessment Data from 2014-15 to Current, and Enrollment 2022-23 School Year


Benefits of Eagle Rock's unique model

Eagle Rock Multiage students benefit from the unique model, especially multiage (looping) classrooms and family volunteers.

Sources: The Social and Psychological Benefits of Multiage Elementary Classrooms and The Experience and Effects of Looping in the Elementary Classroom