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Ms. Reagan and Ms. Char | Art


Ms. Reagan has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and Interdisciplinary Visual Art from the University of Washington, where she was selected for a competitive Artist in Residence Program in Rome, Italy, where she lived for a year and exhibited her work. She has worked in education for 15 years, as a pre-K teacher, program director, outdoor education specialist and parks and recreation program coordinator for the City of Redmond. Ms. Reagan has worked as an art docent for two years and taught online art classes to underserved communities during the pandemic.

In her spare time, Ms. Reagan loves to spend time with animals, go camping, hike, coach youth sports, and lead a Girl Scout Troop. She continues to take and teach art classes and is working on her Master's in Education, which she is scheduled to complete in 2023. Her favorite artistic mediums are fiber, clay, and watercolor.

Ms. Char was part of the ERMA Art Specialists team in 2019-20, and now has the opportunity to share her creativity and love for art with students again this year!

As a young child, Ms. Char was always creating and tinkering, and that passion led her to a degree in Graphic Design at Northeastern University. In addition to digital arts, Ms. Char likes to dabble in all kinds of art forms — she frequently choreographs tumbling and dance routines, creates t-shirt designs and logos, and has designed leotards (she even had one named after her!).

Ms. Char loves the students’ creative spirits, and loves being part of their process — seeing how students problem-solve and interpret projects, or how they react to different material and subject matter. She is in awe of what everyone comes up with!

Ms. Char and Ms. B | PE


Ms. Char has been a PE Specialist at ERMA since 2017. She believes PE helps develop the whole child — not just their physical skills, but PE helps develop social skills like teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as focuses on students’ emotional growth building confidence and self-esteem. She hopes to make fitness fun for kids at a young age, so they are more apt to continue this lifestyle and stay active as they get older.

Ms. Char has a strong understanding of motor-skill development from her work with The Little Gym. The Little Gym is an international children’s program that uses gymnastics as a foundation in a positive, nurturing setting to develop physical strength and coordination, as well as build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. In 2004, Ms. Char started as the Program Director at The Little Gym of Everett and, in 2015, became one of the owners. With The Little Gym's ongoing trainings, Ms. Char has learned foundations in basic sports skills, karate, and dance to add to her pre-existing background in gymnastics. Of the nearly 600 families who come to The Little Gym of Everett, Ms. Char currently teaches close to 250 students each week, ranging from infant/toddler through grade school. Families have had such a positive experience at The Little Gym that many of Ms. Char’s former students have come back as Instructors, working and giving back to the TLG-Everett community.

Before moving to the Pacific Northwest, Ms. Char has worked with children since 1996, coaching gymnastics at the gym she grew up and trained in. Though it’s been years since she’s been a student herself, Ms. Char will still tumble on occasion, and is always up for a handstand contest 🙂

Ms. Nicole and Ms. Jessica | Library


Nicole (left) and Jessica (right) both studied English Literature and are happy to share their love of reading; superfluous knowledge of middle grade and YA genre fiction; and semi-obscure vocabulary words with the incredible Eagle Rock students.

The library class focuses on monthly themes and celebrations that dovetail with classroom curriculum and encourages students to explore familiar, beloved genres as well as discover new titles and authors.

This is Jessica's third year of supporting the library program and Nicole's first year at Eagle Rock. The other volunteers who regularly assist during the weekly library classes make important contributions as well